Top 5 rare Canadian coins

In this article, we will talk about the most valued Canadians coins. The history of Canada is not only famous for its landscape, colonial rule, architecture, arts, and culture, but for coins that are rarest on earth. The Royal Canadian Mint is famous for producing some of the most valuable coins in Canadian History. It does not only amuse people to collect coins, but they are correspondingly the deluxe investment-grade collectibles. Continue reading “Top 5 rare Canadian coins”

What will be cryptocurrency collectors called?

Really, what? Collectors of coins are called numismatists. Collecting banknotes is called bonistics. And those who are keen on collecting cryptocurrencies may be called cryptocoinists.

Now there are already about 1,550 kinds of cryptocoins and tokens. Among them are rarities, and those tokens that are practically not in demand today. And there are still interesting types, released in limited edition because the creators of the project fled with the money of investors. By the way, a month ago 1600 coins were on the list. About 50 crypto-currencies have disappeared, leaving a trace on only some sites or screenshots.

Of course, cryptocoins are not exactly coins. They have no obverse, no reverse, no edge. And it’s difficult to “show them off”. A set of figures in a multi-currency wallet will not be appreciated by anyone. But when did it stop collectors?

One of the Russian bloggers-numismatists wrote that giving in to the excitement around bitcoin, he found a coin on the Chinese site at a price less than a dollar apiece. He ordered two bitcoins, one for himself and one for his cat. While the parcel was underway, he was very worried, seeing how the rate falls. When the parcel with coins came, the cat was displeased that bitcoins were not real.

Pay attention to cryptomoney! All coins have names and an abbreviation, they also have their own graphic representation. They differ in purpose and number of fractional units, in hash functions and consensus algorithm. Their protocols have beautiful names. They have many differences and unique properties.

Resources for exchanging cryptocurrencies exist and function for a long time or a long time there exist and function. No black market. No fakes and copies. It’s impossible in the blockchain.

If I managed to interest you, then you most likely want to know where and how to buy cryptocurrency in Canada. Below you’ll see ICO Pulse recommendations on this matter. Continue reading “What will be cryptocurrency collectors called?”

Canadian numismatic events

History has always fascinated the people of our age and therefore it means a lot to the certain class of people. The subject is limitless and the most important part that is related to the money. Numismatic is a branch of history that has made it possible for the enthusiasts to collect old coins, stamps and money that is related to the ages before us. It is also important that such collections are displayed or the events are created to make sure that the talent is showcased. When it comes to Canada the best part of the country is that it supports all such initiatives. There are many numismatic events that take place in Canada. Such events make sure that the enthusiast comes together and devise strategies which are related to the field. It will also lead to long-term planning and hence ensures that each and every part of the legacy is preserved in the best way. Such events also ensure that the hidden treasures of the numismatic enthusiasts don’t remain in the same condition. Others are given a chance to take a look at the best numismatics collections. Such events create a sense of understanding between the professionals of the community. Continue reading “Canadian numismatic events”

Canadian dealers in the fileld of numismatology

The study of numismatics is not all about collection. The best part of this field is that the coins, stamps, and notes can also be sold to the right buyers. There are many dealers which are located in different parts of Canada and ensure that both buyers and sellers get the best price of their artifacts. At times these dealers also become the buyers and give the best price of the artifacts to the sellers. This is not the case in each instance and most of the dealers just display the items so that the customers are attracted and the coins get the best possible value. There are a number of dealers which are related to the idea and therefore the stores can be found easily nationwide. Continue reading “Canadian dealers in the fileld of numismatology”

Well-known numismatic associations of Canada

The collection of paper money, coins, and the other related ideas is known as numismatics.  The concerned people are normally students but it is not necessary at all. For examole there is a large numismatic collection in the University of Calgary  When it comes to Canada there are many associations which are related to the idea and they are working to ensure that the idea of numismatic is spread. Such associations are also related to the fact that the market of the old coins and paper money also gets the prominence it deserves. Such organizations are also of the view that the studies are carried out so the currencies used in different eras become known to the people of today. Numismatics related organizations are very active in Canada and hence they are highly regarded among similar groups. Continue reading “Well-known numismatic associations of Canada”