Top 5 rare Canadian coins

In this article, we will talk about the most valued Canadians coins. The history of Canada is not only famous for its landscape, colonial rule, architecture, arts, and culture, but for coins that are rarest on earth. The Royal Canadian Mint is famous for producing some of the most valuable coins in Canadian History. It does not only amuse people to collect coins, but they are correspondingly the deluxe investment-grade collectibles. Continue reading “Top 5 rare Canadian coins”

Canadian dealers in the fileld of numismatology

The study of numismatics is not all about collection. The best part of this field is that the coins, stamps, and notes can also be sold to the right buyers. There are many dealers which are located in different parts of Canada and ensure that both buyers and sellers get the best price of their artifacts. At times these dealers also become the buyers and give the best price of the artifacts to the sellers. This is not the case in each instance and most of the dealers just display the items so that the customers are attracted and the coins get the best possible value. There are a number of dealers which are related to the idea and therefore the stores can be found easily nationwide. Continue reading “Canadian dealers in the fileld of numismatology”